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El Montgó: a symbol of the Costa Blanca

El Montgó: a symbol of the Costa Blanca

Blasco Ibañez once remarked that El Montgó resembles a giant hand separating the towns of Denia and Jávea. The iconic landmark makes a stark impact on the scenery of the area owing to its impressive height of 753 metres which slopes down into the Mediterranean Sea in Alicante, Costa Blanca. The massif forms a living part of the coast thanks to its history, nature and caves. Acting as a symbol of the Marina Alta region, as well as Alicante and Jávea, the mountain has been inhabited for some 30,000 years since the prehistoric era. Subsequently the Iberians, Romans and Arabs have been attracted to this idyllic place. The area continues to be popular, with the peaceful foothills now being populated by elegant villas which benefit from the beautiful scenery and the best of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Such is this that the Arabs dubbed the nearby town of Caón as delight owing to its fresh sea breezes and breathtaking views. Continue reading

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2000 years ago, Alicante’s residents were living in the lap of luxury

Excavation site of the ancient Roman spa, Vila Joyosa, Spain

For today’s professionals, it is not uncommon to partake in the benefits of a nearby spa. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that thousands of years ago, the Romans indulged in the exact same luxury.
In 2006, the remnants of a Roman bath were found in the area formerly known as Alion. Originally, it formed part of the fourth largest city in the area, and has become a labour of love for Diego Ruiz, an archaeologist living in La Vila Joiosa, Alicante, who has spent the last four years excavating its ancient form. Continue reading

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Denia Marina to host First International Yacht Charter Convention

From 14th to 20th February next year Alicante’s Marina de Denia will be holding the First International Yacht Charter Convention, an innovative event specialising in yacht charters for tourists. It will be the first time that Spain has hosted such a fair. Continue reading

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Getting around in Alicante is easy by tram

Alicante has its own tram system running from the centre of the city to Denia. Rimontgó features some properties on the principal tram routes. Continue reading

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Homes with gyms

Among the many attributes that a home can have the gym remains one of the more exclusive and indulgent.

In an age when many of us have become rather accustomed to designer kitchens, outdoor terraces with swimming pools, stylish bathrooms, studies and even jacuzzis, the gym is still a feature that cannot be taken for granted. Continue reading

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Rimontgó launches mobile version of its blogs

It wasn’t that long ago that mobiles were for phone calls and computers were the means through which you did your accounts, sent emails and accessed a website. The latest generation of mobile phones has taken the hand-held device into new territory, effectively blurring the lines of division between computer and ‘cell phone’.

Smartphones are expected to outstrip computers soon as a means through which to access websites. The buzz around this format is therefore tremendous. So Ignacio Artagoitia and his team at Rimontgó got on with it and have prepared and launched mobile-friendly versions of all four company blogs. Continue reading

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Cross-country cooperation for a United Nations Client

The value of organisations such as EREN – the European Real Estate Network – and the international cooperation they foster – was proved again recently when Inmobiliaria Rimontgó of Valencia collaborated with Marschall Immobilien of Vienna to find a New York client a lovely city property in the Austrian capital. The fact that the couple in question work for the UN makes it all the more poignant.

When a New York City based couple working for the United Nations found out they were being transferred to the UN operation in Vienna, they started researching suitable properties and parts of town on the Internet. The search led them to the website of Rimontgó, whose collaboration with EREN enables them to showcase prime property from around the world. Continue reading

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