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Will “God’s architect” receive beatification and sainthood?


The wonderful and artistic city of Barcelona can not be thought of without appreciating the exceptional works of the eccentric Catalan architect of Antoni Gaudí. Included amongst those pieces is the tantalising structure of the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, which is more commonly known as the Sagrada Família. This large Roman Catholic church is known today as one of the most emblematic symbols amongst the sea of art and finery throughout the city. Antoni Gaudí has been known for decades as God’s architect, and although his highly individual and distinctive style is represented throughout all of his constructions, there are none quite to outstanding as the Sagrada Família. Continue reading

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Castillo de Santa Florentina – a real castle in Spain

The Castillo de Santa Florentina–Casa Nova offers not just a fabulously expansive and comfortable lifestyle, but a pedigree that not many other historical buildings can match. King Alfonso XIII stayed here in 1908 and it has been mentioned in the influential publication, Architectural Digest, as one of its ‘Most Beautiful Homes in the World’. It certainly lives up to its name, with an entrance hall that sets the tone for the whole house; the sense of space, the enormous chandeliers and magnificent stone features surrounding the fireplace lending this room a feeling of ‘olde worlde’ grandeur. Continue reading

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