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Luxurious and exquisite example of Modern American Style, within a unique villa situated in Cantabria, Northern Spain

American style modern villa, Cantabria, Spain

It is very clear that anybody with a true love for architecture will greatly appreciate this enchanting villa. Located in Cantabria, Northern Spain, its sophisticated style and innovative design have been inspired by a truly great era for some of the world’s greatest architects. It has been said that this era was a revolutionary time of overwhelming creativity and experimentation which changed the structure of architecture for a long time to follow. With architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Myron Hunt and Alvar Aalto joining with the talents of a new generation of industrial designers such as Mario Bellini, Arne Jacobsen and Raymond Loewy, a new shape to architecture started to appear. This new shape was sleek and smooth with a structured appearance, all of which used modern technology and techniques to represent the changing views and opinions of the people at the time. Continue reading

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