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Religious itineraries in Sardinia

Religious itineraries in Sardinia

The Sardinian region has set forth a series of initiatives in order to promote religious tourism on the island. It aims to bring together projects and ideas as well as creating promotional events and an infrastructure for this particular type of tourism. The first stage of this program, dedicated to making religious tourism more attractive, has been the creation of a forum for discussion in November last year which was named: Cultura religiosa e turismo – Intinerio dello Spirito. Continue reading

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Benidorm to become new luxury holiday destination on par with Capri


Over the years Benidorm has gained an undeniable reputation as the leading budget holiday destination on the Spanish coast. Attracting hoards of package holiday-makers year on year, the resort is now looking to expand its clientele base to bring in tourists of a somewhat more exclusive market. Interested in reversing its toughly ingrained stereotype, Valencia’s number one budget holiday destination is now looking to create a new luxury tourism, whilst still upholding its multi-million business which has attracted low-cost visitors since the 60s. The resort on the Costa Blanca is an affordable Mediterranean idyll for a huge range of budget travellers from Brits on package holidays, to retirees, and most recently, gay tourists. Benidorm however is not satisfied with this solely bargain market and is now proposing a massive reincarnation to compete with other luxury resorts, such as Capri. Continue reading

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