The presence of Rimontgó at MarTech 2015

The latest edition of MarTech occurred this year from the 11th to the 13th February at the Hotel Wynn in Las Vegas. It was organised by Leading RE as part of their Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Conference Week and brought together around 2000 professionals from 20 countries to discuss the use of marketing and digital strategies in the development of the commercial, luxury property market. The real estate company Rimontgó, a member of Leading RE and based in Valencia, was one of the companies to participate in the conference.

Ignacio Artagoitia, director IT at RimontgóContinue reading…

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Italy, the favourite destination of American real estate investment

Italy, also known as the Beautiful Country, is increasingly becoming the preferred location of Americans for their real estate investments, who are able to enjoy the climate of the particularly strong dollar coinciding with a favourable economy.

Panoramic viewsThe most desirable locations for American investors, that for some time have been demonstrating great interest in this country, are without a doubt Sardinia, Tuscany, Lake Maggiore and Lake Como.Continue reading…

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Enjoying Las Fallas from your own luxury home

The month of March is a special one in the calendars of the people of Valencia as it is the time when they celebrate the internationally renowned festival “Las Fallas”. Festivities begin at the start of March and reach their climax between the days of the 14th to the 19th of March, when there are parades, fireworks displays and ceremonies day and night all over the city and residents and visitors alike are inspired and impressed by the 300 magnificent monuments that line the streets of the city. There are particular events during the Fallas calendar that are more special, and these can be enjoyed in a more comfortable and luxurious way from your own city centre apartment. Here we describe three events and the apartments that will make your Fallas experience extraordinarily special.

Beautiful Plaza del AyuntamientoContinue reading…

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Berlin, the vegan capital of Europe

Berlin is one of the European cities with the greatest number of people who have chosen the vegetarian or purer vegan lifestyle; that is, free from animal products of all kinds. For this reason, it is considered the vegan capital of Europe and offers a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Kopps restaurant in the Mitte districtContinue reading…

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The property sale rate increases in Marbella thanks to foreign buyers

For many years, Marbella has been considered one of the preferred destinations for both tourists and for buyers who want to invest in a luxury second home on the Costa del Sol. In 2014 the real estate market grew to a level that had not been seen since before the start of the economic crisis in 2008 and this was a large part thanks to the investment of real estate in this region by foreign buyers.

Luxury properties in MarbellaContinue reading…

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Temples of well-being and spas in Berlin

Berlin offers a great number of establishments which offer relaxing massages and treatments such as thermal baths and spas in which you can unwind and keep away from the winter’s cold.

The Vabali spa, an authentic refuge in the heart of the city

Outdoor pool at the Vabali Spa

Continue reading…

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Leading Real Estate award Rimontgó with the WQC stamp

Rimontgó – Website Quality CertificationThe organisation responsible for coordinating an exclusive selection of specialised international companies of luxury properties, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, have once again awarded Rimontgó with the Website Quality Certification (WQC) stamp. Continue reading…

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Berlin: The perfect location for lovers of film and a luxury lifestyle

Zoo Palast cinema - a truly luxury experience (Photo by Jan Bitter)The experience of going to the cinema is one that is enjoyed by many as a way to escape into another world, even if just for a few hours. In Berlin, there are plenty of opportunities to do this including the Berlinale Film Festival and various independent cinemas that have made the experience a lot more luxurious.Continue reading…

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The Spanish property market from the standpoint of international investors

In accordance with the data collected in 2014, it is evident that the Spanish market, and above all, the real estate sector has attracted and continues to attract a large number of international investors. Amongst those investors are citizens of countries such as the USA and China (the latter thanks to new laws promoted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce with respect to foreign investment).

Commercial property investments in MadridContinue reading…

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Marbella to prosper in 2015

The last two years have been a period of great improvement for the real estate market in Marbella. This process of recovery began slowly in 2013, progressed more rapidly in 2014 and predictions for 2015 demonstrate not only a return to pre-crisis levels but the start of a period of growth.

Stunning property in the Golden MileContinue reading…

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